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How to Create/Update an Index Number in ATLAS

Standard Operating Procedure

Step Action / Process Responsible Party
1.Check index number in P11 or AtlasHuman Resources Administrator

If index number is provided in P11 or Atlas:

For Atlas staff members, continue to use same index number. There is no need to verify further.

For non-Atlas staff members:  

  1. For IP staff and G staff in New York (administered by GSSU): verify the index number in Umoja Production (link) (search under index # or First Name/Last Name of staff member).
  2. For G and NO staff in country offices: notify GPS Atlas HR and Payroll team to verify the index number.
Human Resources Administrator
3.Where index number is found in Umoja, verify with UN HR ( ) whether we may continue using this index number.

Human Resources Administrator (GSSU)

GPS Atlas HR and Payroll team

4.Where index number is not found in Umoja, request UN HR to verify if we may use it and to add it to Umoja.

Human Resources Administrator (GSSU)

GPS Atlas HR and Payroll team

5. Upon verification from UN HR, add existing index number in Atlas under Add a Person

Human Resources Administrator (GSSU)

GPS Atlas HR and Payroll team


If index number is NOT found in P11 or Atlas:

  1. Verify in Umoja if index number exist
  2. If no index number is found, create new index number in Atlas

Human Resources Administrator (GSSU)

GPS Atlas HR and Payroll team


Contact UN HR to add new index number to Umoja.

See standard email below to  

Dear Colleagues,

We created a new record for below staff member. You are kindly requested to add the information to the Global Index Database:

  •  Index number:
  • Full Name:        
  • Nationality:       
  • Date of Birth:    
  • Gender:                                                       
  • UN Agency:      

 Best regards,

Human Resources Administrator (GSSU)

GPS Atlas HR and Payroll team

8.Confirm index number to staff member and recruiting officeHuman Resources Administrator

ATLAS Step-by-Step Guide


Please note that the Medical Clearance request in Atlas is only for current of new IP or local staff on TA, FTA or PA contracts. To create a Medical Clearance Request you need an index number. Below you will find how to create an index number without creating the Hire PA.


Step 1. Go to Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Add a Person

  • If you would like to create a new index number use "NEW", if you would like to carry index number over from a different UN Agency then type in the index number.
  • Click Add Person (or if in doubt whether the person already exists, it is possible to make a selective search by pressing Search for Matching Persons)

Step 2. Enter required information in the tab 'Biographical Details' and 'Contact Information'. 

  • Effective date (use today's date or EOD date whichever is earlier, if you use today's date make sure that you use the correct effective date i.e. EOD date when entering the Hire row in Job Data)
Add Name (use UPPER case for last name)
  • Click OK
  • Fill in:
    • Date of Birth
    • Birth Country
    • Birth Location
    • Gender
    • Highest Education Level
    • Marital Status + As of
    • Language code as relevant (English if IP)
    • National ID:
      • a) for US taxpayers (nationals and permanent residents) enter USA and US Social Security number
      • b) for IP and G staff in NY enter UN
      • c) for local staff outside NY enter country of nationality
Contact Information tab:

Add Mailing address
Add Home address
Add Home Leave place (if applicable)
Add Place of Recruitment (if applicable)


Choose the relevant
Fill in phone number
If applicable add more numbers 


Choose Business (click preferred)
Fill in UNDP email address if available

Step 3. In the tab 'Organizational Relationships' select 'Employee' and 'Hire' or 'Add Employment Instance' and click 'Add Relationship'. 

Note: IP and G staff in New York will use 'Hire' and local staff in country office will use 'Add Employment Instance'. 



Step 4. This will open up the page 'Job Data' and index no is populated.  

If not ready to create the PA yet, please click Cancel


When you cancel, you will get back to the 'Organizational Relationships' page and the index no will be populated. 


Step 5. Please proceed with the next steps only After medical clearance has been granted by UN Medical Services.  

Add Job data and complete the rest of the Atlas hiring steps. 

Remember to complete benefits enrolments and update earning elements as per the usual Hire process.





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