Advanced Annual Leave

It is possible to apply for Advanced Annual Leave. FTA and PA contract holders may apply exceptionally for advanced leave up to 10 working days. TA contract holders may apply for advanced leave up to 5 working days.

Ideally, you should approach your Supervisor/Unit Manager before entering a request for advanced Annual Leave in order to request the pre-approval by Resident Representative / Head of Office. This pre-approval should be attached to the leave request in eServices.

Please note that even if you only have 1 day of Annual Leave when you apply for leave, but you are applying 3 months in advance for 5 days of leave, you will have sufficient leave days for the time you take the leave (if you have an FTA contract and accumulate 2.5 days per month, at the time you take the leave you will have 3 X 2.5 days = 7.5 days + 1 day = 8.5 days; which will be sufficient for 5 days of leave. In this situation you will not need to apply for advanced annual leave).

Read more on the POPP​​ for Annual Leave.