Maternity Leave

Click the icon ‘Maternity Leave’.

You are entitled to 16 weeks of leave with full pay which normally commences six weeks prior to the anticipated date of birth. The form will automatically calculate the 16 weeks (112 days) from the start date. Note that these are calendar days, not work days. Remember to attach doctor’s or midwife’s certificate of expected date of birth.

Half-time work/Half-time Maternity Leave is possible, as mentioned in the Maternity Leave circular​.

If you apply for SLWOP in continuation of your Maternity Leave, please first have a discussion on this with your HR BAS Advisor (if IP staff) or your HR/Operations Manager (if local staff). The final approval for SLWOP is done by Head of Office (for local staff) or HR Director (for IP staff). Please obtain these approvals, before entering the SLWOP application in eServices, and then attach the approval in eServices.

Maternity Leave half days & half days work
It is possible to work half days / half days Maternity Leave up to 4 weeks of the end of the 16 weeks ML period. In that case you would need to create two separate Maternity Leave requests in eServices/My Leave.
You would need to:
a) Apply for the first ML period for 12 weeks – or more (the system will default to 16 weeks, but the End Date can be overwritten) and submit it.
b) Apply for the second ML period for 4 weeks – or less (the system will default to 16 weeks, but the end date can be overwritten) and then use the Half Day option ‘All leave days half days’ (see below). It is important that the total of the two ML periods is 112 days. Please note the 112 days include weekends and holidays.