Paternity Leave

Click the icon ‘Paternity Leave’.

You are entitled to 4 weeks of leave with full pay and if you are in a Non-Family duty station 8 weeks of Paternity Leave as per Paternity Leave circular.

If you want to apply in advance please attach doctor’s or midwife’s certificate of expected date of birth. Note that you cannot take Paternity Leave before the child is born. Therefore, if you apply in advance you may have to adjust the start date when the child is born. At any time can you adjust a leave period:

a. Log into Atlas HCM /eServices/My Leave/Absence Request History and click ‘Edit’ for the approved Paternity Leave and click ‘Cancel’.

b. Go again to eServices/My Leave/Absence Request History and click ‘Edit’ for the cancelled Paternity Leave - change dates, upload document (birth certificate) and click ‘Submit’ to re-submit it again. It is a good idea to add in the comment field ‘Re-submitting due to change in expected date of birth’ so your supervisor knows you are re-submitting an already approved leave.

If you apply for Paternity Leave then the form will automatically calculate 28 days. The PL can be taken in different periods as long as it is within the first year from the date of birth of the child. The 28 days are calendar days and not work days.

Work-around: Please note that if you are in a non-family duty station and therefore entitled to 8 weeks of Paternity Leave, you have to ask the Leave Monitor to enter any leave period above 28 days. This 28 day limit will be removed in the future release.