Home Leave points

If below conditions are met you can go on Advanced Home Leave. Normally you would require 24 Home Leave points to be eligible for Home Leave.

Advanced HL may be approved by the HR Administrator in the country office or SAS/BES when at least 12 points have been accrued. A negative point balance shall be recorded in such case, up to a maximum of minus 12 points. The balance cannot exceed minus 12 points. To become eligible for the next HL, the staff member must overcome the negative point balance and then reach an accrual of 24 points, as the granting of advance HL does not advance the date of entitlement to subsequent HL’s.

Advanced HL shall be approved subject to all the conditions for the entitlement subsequently being met, or the staff member will be required to reimburse the costs of the HL entitlement.

For additional information please read the POPP on Home Leave​.