Adoption Leave

Adoption Leave is not yet in eServices. You should just apply using the regular paper form Request for Leave‚Äč.


1. Please fill in the Leave Request Form (indicate Adoption Leave)
  • Please fill it in, sign it and have supervisor sign it and send the form for approval to:
    • If in New York: your OHR BAS Advisor,
    • If outside New York: your local HR office/Operations Manager.
  • Please attach supporting documentation (follow link to POPP below)
2. Your local HR office/Operations Manager or BAS Advisor will forward the approved request to:
  • OHR/Benefits & Entitlement Services for entering a Personal Action (special leave with full pay for adoption leave purposes), and
  • your local leave monitor for recording the leave in Atlas Absence module as "Special leave with full pay - Adoption Leave".
You can find more information regarding Adoption Leave on the POPP on Adoption. Please take special notice on the required documentation that should follow the Adoption Leave request.