Education Grant Travel

It is not possible to apply directly for Education Grant Travel in HR eServices (staff can apply for Education Grant in eServices but not Education Grant travel yet).
EG Travel administration is delegated to the country offices just like Home Leave for staff outside New York.

If the SM is travelling by him/herself, then the SM can:

a) fill in the Education Grant Travel Form to get the clearance and to make sure the payment is done (for staff outside NY it should be approved by Head of Office). The payment is processed by the local HR/Finance office.

b) once authorized, then fill in an Annual Leave request in My Leave in eServices (Education Grant travel is charged to the Annual Leave balance including the travel days and must be approved by the Supervisor) – and then attach the signed EG Travel Form so Supervisor can see it has been authorized by Head of Office.

If the spouse or son/daughter is travelling – and not the SM – the SM should just fill in the Education Grant Travel form for processing of the payment (no need to submit Annual Leave request in this case).

Please find the link to the EG Travel guidelines​.