Family Visit

Family Visit is charged to Annual Leave (excluding travel time as per POPP on Family Visit​). It is therefore possible to apply for Annual Leave in eServices and then exclude the allowable travel time.

Please note on the approval flow for Family Visit. For staff outside NY it is approved by the Head of Office and for staff in NY it is approved by the HR BAS Advisor.

What you can do is to:

1. Fill in the Request for Leave form, have the Supervisor sign it, have your local HR office sign it (for eligibility verification), have the Head of Office (for staff outside NY) or HR BAS Advisor (for staff in NY) sign it.
2. Once signed, you can enter a period of Annual Leave in eServices uploading the signed leave form and add in the comment field ‘This leave is for Family Visit’.

Note: You can also have the Leave Monitor enter the leave manually, but we don’t have a ‘Family Visit’ take, so the Leave Monitor would also have to register it as ‘Annual Leave’ take.

In addition you will need to inform your HR office (just as for Home Leave, then if you are in a country office it is your local HR office and if you are in New York it is OHR/BES in Copenhagen) for processing of the travel payment.

Please note some important aspects of Family Visit: 
  • Family visit travel provides eligible staff residing alone at their duty station periodic family visits. 
  • A staff member may request the travel of his/her spouse to visit him/her at the duty station in lieu of he/she exercising the entitlement. This may be authorized provided that the duty station where the staff member is stationed has not been designated as non-family. 
  • Under no circumstances may children travel as part of a family visit travel entitlement.
  • For travel on an outward and return journey on family visit travel, staff members shall be granted a fixed amount of travel time not chargeable to their annual leave balance, determined on the basis of the most direct flight available as follows: * One day for each journey of less than 10 hours; Two days, ​​​for each journey of 10 hours or longer but less than 16 hours; two days, and three days for each journey of 16 hours or more.
  • Except for allowable travel time, the number of days spent on family visit is charged to the staff member's annual leave balance.
  • When lump sum option is requested staff member receives 75 per cent of the full fare economy class air ticket from the duty station to the staff member’s recognized place of home leave or place of staff member's choice, whichever is less.