Compensatory Time Off and Compensatory Day Off

Compensatory Time Off (CTO) and Compensatory Day Off (CDO) are not yet in eServices and you would therefore need to process it manually.

A staff member would need to apply using the paper form.

Please note that CTO and CDO are slightly different.

CTO applies only for local staff whereas CDO applies to IP staff members when traveling on official business on non-working days and UN holidays. The CDO/CTO should be exercised within 4 months of return of travel.

Actual travel time spent by a staff member during a normal working day shall not be charged to annual leave.
A staff member shall be granted a compensatory day off if required to travel on a non-working day from the duty station to a place of mission. This compensatory day off may be exercised immediately after that non-working day or within four months of return to the duty station. For example, if a staff member is required to travel on Sunday to enable him/her to attend a meeting on Monday, one day of compensatory day off shall be given to the staff member. If it is necessary for the return travel to also take place on a non-working day, the staff member shall be allowed another compensatory day off. If the compensatory day off on the outbound travel was not taken immediately after the non-working day, it can be taken separately or together with the compensatory day off for the return travel in which case the two compensatory days off can be taken on two consecutive days upon completion of the entire journey.

When you register the CDO or CTO entitlement in the Absence Module you should use:
  • ​Compensatory Time Off X1 or X2 for local staff
  • Travel Days for IP staff, IP staff cannot use CTO and since there is no CDO entitlement in Atlas you would need to register it as Travel Days.
See below:

When staff wants to take the days earned (their entitlement) you should register the CDO or CTO take in the Absence Module as:
  • Compensatory Time Take for local staff
  • Travel Days Take for IP staff
See below:

NB CTO is also used for over-time for local staff.​ Please see FAQ for overtime.