The new Attendance Record Card in Atlas

There is a new feature in Atlas where you can pull an Absence Report Card for a single staff member, for a particular location or for all where you are the Leave Monitor.

Go Main Menu/UN Reports/Global Payroll/Absence Report Card (see below). Enter the relevant parameters as needed – click ‘Save’ and ‘Run’: 

New Absence Record Card 1.png 

Then click ‘OK’ and the top link click ‘Process Monitor’ – click ‘Refresh’ until the ‘Distribution Status’ says ‘Posted’ – then click ‘Details’:

New Absence Record Card 2.png

Then click ‘View Log/Trace: 

New Absence Record Card 3.png

Example (this example is only showing the first two months, as it was generated in February):

New Absence Record Card 4.png