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 Who to contact in GSSU-HR?

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United Nations Development Programme
Staff Administrative Services
Marmorvej 51
2100 Copenhagen

New York (BES UNFPA)

Benefits & Entitlements (UNFPA)
605, 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10158


 GSSU-HR Contacts

collapse GSSU Unit : GPS ‎(27)
Ahmad Tariq 4533 6258GPSATLAS Country Office SupportPayroll AssociateRBAPCopenhagen
Azamatbek 4533 6251GPSATLAS Country Office SupportPayroll AssociateRBA (Anglophone)Copenhagen
Boundi Laouan Bremboundi.laouan@undp.orgGPSATLAS Country Office SupportPayroll AssociateRBA (francophone + RBAP)
Daniel 45336245GPSManagementPayroll Specialist
Dono Khusankhodjaeva +45 4533 6259GPSATLAS Country Office SupportPayroll AssociateRBASCopenhagen
Evelien 4533 6255GPSInternational Payroll ManagementPayroll AnalystCopenhagen
Hnin Wai Lwinhnin.wai.lwin@undp.orgGPSSAS Directorate, ATLAS Country Office SupportPayroll AssociateRBAS
Irma 4533 6254GPSATLAS Country Office SupportPayroll AssociateService ContractsCopenhagen
Jennifer 4533 6180GPSInternational Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateCopenhagen
Joseph 4533 6252GPSATLAS Country Office SupportPayroll AssociateUNVCopenhagen
Kalina 4533 6251GPSATLAS Country Office SupportPayroll AssociateRBA (Frankophone)SLWOPCopenhagen
Laura 4533 6249GPSInternational Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateCopenhagen
Magesh 4533 6248GPSATLAS HCM TechnicalTeam Lead, Technical SpecialistCopenhagen
Majbritt 4533 6247GPSAdministrative SupportOperations AssociateCopenhagen
Mette 4533 6242GPSInternational Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateCopenhagen
Mette 45336239GPSATLAS Country Office SupportPayroll AssociateML+SLWOP
Nazira 4533 6265GPSInternational Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateCopenhagen
Nina 4533 6244GPSManagement, ATLAS Country Office SupportPayroll AnalystPayroll AnalystCopenhagen
Ramanathan 4533 6243GPSATLAS HCM TechnicalTechnical SpecialistCopenhagen
Sampath 4533 6238GPSATLAS HCM TechnicalTechnical SpecialistCopenhagen
Steven 4533 6236GPSATLAS Country Office SupportPayroll AssociateRBECCopenhagen
Susan Wangeci 4533 6233GPSInternational Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateCopenhagen
Theresa 4533 6237GPSATLAS Country Office SupportPayroll AssociateRBLACCopenhagen
Tom 4533 6234GPSATLAS HCM TechnicalPayroll AssociateCopenhagen
Vanesa Perez 4533 6232GPSInternational Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateCopenhagen
Venugopal 4533 6246GPSATLAS HCM TechnicalTechnical AnalystCopenhagen
Yuna 4533 6240GPSManagementManagerCopenhagen