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Welcome to the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Toolkit

The “next-generation UNDP” is an organization that is more nimble, innovative and enterprising – a thought leader that succeeds in taking and managing risks. This demands an organization-wide understanding of the changing context around us and forward-looking in navigating the uncertainties that can accelerate or hinder progress towards sustainable development.

Acknowledging risks – both threats and opportunities - and making informed decisions is the foundation of an innovative and enterprising organization. It gives us the confidence to test new ideas while avoiding harm and unnecessary loss.

With this in mind, UNDP’s updated Enterprise Risk Management Policy (available in English, French, and Spanish), calls for a change in how we collectively approach risk management to become a smarter and more agile organization. It is our roadmap for moving from risk aversion to responsible risk-taking.

This ERM space hosts the latest information on the ERM Policy, risk governance mechanisms, relevant guidance/tools, and, finally, welcomes you to join the discussion on UNDP’s risk management. Information and support found here are available to help staff and partners to enhance decision-making and continuously identify, analyze, monitor and report on existing and emerging risks.

For more information, please email:
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