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Guidance and Templates 

The following table provides the key package of guidance and templates available to support the implementation of UNDP’s updated Social and Environmental Standards (effective 1 January 2021). Additional guidance is also available on the principle and standard-specific pages linked below. 

This guidance section will continue to evolve over time as new templates, guidance notes, and other documents will be included. 

Transition Period

To facilitate a seamless changeover to the updated Social and Environmental Standards, a transition period has been introduced. 

For details on the transition period, please click here

For guidance and templates in support of UNDP's 2015 Social and Environmental Standards, please click here

Key SES Guidance and Templates
​Programming Principles 
Principle 1: Leave No One Behind

Principle 2: Human Rights
UN Common Understanding on Human Rights-Based Approach

Mainstreaming Human Rights in Development Policies and Programming (UNDP)

Principle 3: ​Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment
How to Conduct a Gender Analysis: Guidance for UNDP Staff (2016)

Strategies for addressing GBV in environmental projects (IUCN)

Principle 4: Sustainability and Resilience
​UN Common Guidance on Helping Build Resilient Societies (2020)

Practitioner's Guide: Capacity Development for Environmental Sustainability (UNDP)

Principle 5: Accountability

​Project-Level Standards
Standard 1: Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable NRM​
SES.pngSES Guidance Note: Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable NRM 
Biodiversity Action Plan
Standard 2: Climate Change and Disaster
SES.pngSES Guidance Note: Climate Change and Disaster 

Standard 3: Community Health, Safety and Security
SES.pngSES Targeted Guidance: Community Health, Safety and Security 

Standard 4: Cultural Heritage
SES.pngSES Targeted Guidance: Cultural Heritage

Standard 5: Displacement and Resettlement​
SES.pngSES Guidance Note: Displacement and Resettlement 

Resettlement Action Plan Template 
Livelihood Action Plan Template 
Resettlement/Livelihood Action Framework
Process Framework Template 
Resources and Templates
Standard 6: Indigenous Peoples
SES.pngSES Guidance Note: Indigenous Peoples 

Indicative Outline of Indigenous Peoples Plan
Indicative Outline of Indigenous Peoples Planning Framework
​Standard 7: Labour and Working Conditions
SES.pngSES Guidance Note: Labour and Working Conditions
​Labour Management Procedures Template
​Standard 8: Pollution Prevention and Resource Efficiency 
SES.pngSES Targeted Guidance: Pollution Prevention and Resource Efficiency 

Procedures and Accountability
Quality Assurance and Risk Management

Screening and Categorization
SES.pngUNDP SESP Guidance Note: [English] [Spanish] [French]
SESP Template: [English] [Spanish] [French]
Assessment and Management

SES.pngSES Guidance Note: Assessment and Management 

UNDP Generic Terms of Reference for ESIA/ESMP
Indicative Outline of ESIA 
Indicative Outline of ESMP
Indicative Outline of ESMF
​​Stakeholder Engagement and Response Mechanisms
SES.pngSES Guidance Note: Stakeholder Engagement 
SES.pngSES Guidance Note: Stakeholder Response Mechanism 
SES.pngSES Supplemental Guidance: Grievance Redress Mechanisms
SES.pngSummary of Steps for Setting up Stakeholder Response Mechanism
Project-level GRM - Sample Terms of Reference
Supplemental Disclosure Guidance

Access to Information

SES.pngSES Supplemental Guidance: Disclosure of SES Documentation   
SES.pngGuidance on Publishing Project Information [UN credentials required]

Monitoring, Reporting and Compliance 

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