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​Access to Information

      Consistent with UNDP’s Information Disclosure Policy, (105) UNDP is committed to ensuring that relevant information about UNDP Programmes and Projects will be disclosed to help affected communities and other stakeholders understand the opportunities, risks an​d impacts of the proposed activities. UNDP will ensure that information on a Programmes and/or Project’s purpose, nature and scale, and duration, and its risks and potential impacts, is made available in a timely manner, in an accessi​ble place, and in a form and language understandable to affected persons and other stakeholders, including the general public, so they can provide meaningful input into Programme and/or Project design and implementation. Such disclosure will occur early in the Programme and/or Project development process and on an ongoing basis. Among other disclosures specified by UNDP’s policies and procedures, UNDP will ensure that:
  • Stakeholder engagement plans are disclosed early in Project development and summary reports of stakeholder consultations are disclosed in an accessible manner.
  • Social and environmental screening reports are disclosed with Programme and Project documentation.
  • Draft social and environmental assessments, including any draft management plans, (106) are disclosed before Project appraisal formally begins.
  • Final social and environmental assessments and associated management plans are disclosed upon completion.
  • Any required social and environmental monitoring reports are disclosed upon completion.​

​(105) See UNDP Information Disclosure Policy, available at​.  

(106) Draft and final management plans may include Environmental and Social Management Plans, Indigenous Peoples Plans, Resettlement Action Plans, Biodiversity Action Plans, Community Health and Safety Plans, Emergency Response and Preparedness Plans, Hazardous Materials Management Plans, Gender Mainstreaming Plans, Cultural Heritage Plans.   ​​