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Compliance Review

UNDP’s compliance review process is intended to investigate alleged or potential violations of UNDP’s social and environmental commitments, including the SES, in the context of specific UNDP Programmes or Projects. Individuals or communities potentially affected by UNDP Programmes or P​rojects may submit complaints to the Social and Environmental Compliance Unit (SECU), an independent review body located in UNDP’s Office of Audit and Investigations (OAI). SECU evaluates whether UNDP has complied with its obligations, whether any non-compliance has caused harm to the complainant, and how UNDP can correct the non-compliance. UNDP’s Administrator will make the final determination of measures necessary to correct non-compliance. (108)

​(108) See Standard Operating Procedures for the Social and Environmental Compliance Unit (SECU/OAI), available at:​ontent/dam/undp/library/corporate/Social-and-Environmental-Policies-and-Procedures/SECU%20Final%20approved%20Investigation%20Guidelines%20and%20SOPs.pdf

 UNDP's Social and Environmental Compliance Unit (SECU)