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Welcome to the Social and Environmental Standards Webinars​
A series of webinar presentations related to the SES are available for UNDP staff to watch on their own time. Following each webinar we request your feedback and questions to help us make this presentation series useful and relevant to your needs. Click here to share your feedback.

Additionally, thematic webinars on the SES principles and standards will be developed. All webinars will be made available on this website.​​

​​​​Title/Description​​​​Length​Target Audience
video icon.jpgWebinar 1: ​Overview of UNDP's Social and Environmental Standards (SES), Compliance Review and Stakeholder Response Mechanism (SRM)​​​
​22 min

​All staff involved in programming
video icon.jpg
Webinar 2: Social and Environmental Screening Procedure How To​

28 min

All staff involved in designing and screening projects
video icon.jpgWebinar 3: Stakeholder Response Mechanism (Part 1): Setting Up the SRM in the COs (ENGLISH)
Webinar 3: Participation des parties prenantes et mécanisme de réponse (Part 1): Établir le MRPP​ (FRENCH)
Webinar 3​: Mecanismo de​ res​puesta a los interesados (Parte 1): Establecer el SRM en una oficina de país ​(SPANISH)​​​
​31 min

​31 min

33 min

CO SES/SRM focal points​​
video icon.jpgWebinar 4: Stakeholder Response Mechanism (Part 2): Responding to a Grievance (ENGLISH)
Webinar 4: Participation des parties prenantes et mécanisme de réponse (Part 2): Répondre aux demandes dans le cadre du MRPP​ (FRENCH)​
Webinar 4: Mecanismo de​ respuesta a los interesados (Parte 2): Rosponder a las solicitudes de SRM​ (SPANISH)​
​46 min
43 min

47 min

CO SES/SRM f​ocal points
video icon.jpg
Webinar 5: Supporting Social and Environmental Compliance Unit (SECU) Investigations

14 min

​All staff involved in programming​