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​​Guidance and Templates

The following table provides the key package of guidance and templates available to support implementation of UNDP’s Social and Environmental Standards. Additional guidance is also available on the standard-specific pages linked below. These guidance materials will continue to evolve over time.

Key SES Guidance and Templates
​Overarching Policy
Principle 1: ​Human Rights

UN Practi​tioners Portal: Human Rights Based Approach to Programming

Principle 2: ​Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment
How to Conduct a Gender Analysis: Guidance for UNDP Staff (2016)

​Policy-Level Standards
Standard 1: Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable NRM​
Biodiversity Action Plan - Template
Standard 2: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation​
[SES Guidance Note under development]

Standard 3: Community Health, Safety and Working Conditions​

Standard 4: Cultural Heritage

Standard 5: Displacement and Resettlement​
SES.pngSES Guidance Note
Resettlement Action Plan - Template
Livelihood Action Plan - Template
Standard 6: Indigenous Peoples

SES.pngSES Guid​ance Note
​Indigenous Peoples Plan - Outline
Standard 7: Pollution Prevention and Resource Efficiency

Policy Delivery & Accountability
Quality Assurance

Screening and Categorization
SES.pngUNDP SESP Guidance [English] 
[French​]​ [Spanish]
SESP Form [English] [French] ​[Spanish] ​
Assessment and Management

SES.pngSES Guidance Note
ESIA Report - Outline
ESMP - Outline
ESMF - Outline
ESMF Template (UNDP GCF Projects)
Stakeholder Engagement and Response
SES.pngSES Guidance Note: Stakeholder 

SES.pngSupplemental Guidance: 
Grievance Redress Mechanims

SES.pngUNDP Guidance: Stakeholder 
Response Mechanism

Stakeholder Engagement Plan -Template
​Project-level GRM -Sample ToR

Access to Information

SES.pngSupplemental Guidance

Monitoring, Reporting, and Compliance review

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