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Learning and Learning Materials

Capacity development of UNDP staff and partners is the backbone of implementation.  This includes several key components, including training, guidance, tools and support.

Training opportunities will be provided through various mechanisms and targeting multiple audiences, including the following:

  • ​Global and Regional Workshops: Where possible, global workshops will be/are organized in conjunction with other planned key events or workshops at Regional Hubs or HQ to target those responsible for providing support and oversight and also to target high priority COs with larger/higher-risk portfolios.  

  • Webinars: A series of pre-recorded webinar presentations​ allows staff to learn more about the SES and Accountability Mechanism on their own time. Live webinars will be organized on different topics related to the SES and also subsequently made available online. ​​​​

  • ​Induction Trainings:  UNDP’s Office of Human Resources hosts several “Induction Trainings” each year in New York to induct new staff at various levels from Resident Representatives and Country Directors to Programme Officers and JPOs.  Many of these trainings incorporate an orientation session on the SES.

  • Online Training: Online training package will be developed and made available on UNDP’s Talent Development Centre.  

  • Decentralized Orientation and Trainings: Provide Regional Hubs and COs with a package of orientation and training materials (e.g. presentation, talking points, handouts) for their own training and orientation sessions and inclusion in already planned events (e.g. regional meetings, staff meetings, trainings, workshops, retreats, community of practice meetings, meetings with partners, etc.).​