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Social and Environmental Management System Requirements
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​The objectives and requirements of the SES are considered throughout UNDP's programming cycle. Opportunities to strengthen social and environmental sustainability are identified at the earliest stage of programme and project design,1 realized through implementation and tracked through monitoring and evaluation. Social and environmental opportunities and risks are addressed in an integrated manner, recognizing the interrelatedness of social and environmental issues.
​UNDP's social and environmental management system ensures the SES are applied through the programming cycle and includes the following elements:

(a) Quality Assurance and Risk Management

(b) Screening, Assessment and Management of Social and Environmental Risks and Impacts

(c) Stakeholder Engagement and Response Mechanisms

(d) Access to Information

(e) Monitoring, Reporting and Compliance 

(1) UNDP “programming” comprises the planning, implementation, reporting and evaluation of development results achieved with partners through UNDP support. A UNDP “Programme” is a plan for effectively contributing to outcome level development results through UNDP’s “Project modalities:” development projects, the engagement facility and development services.