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Project-Level Grievance Mechanisms and UNDP's Stakeholder Response Mechanism (SRM)

When necessary, UNDP will ensure that an effective Project-level grievance mechanism is available. The mandate and functions of a project-level grievance mechanism could be executed by the Project Board (103) or through an Implementing Partner’s existing grievance mechanisms or procedures for addressing stakeholder concerns. Where needed, UNDP and Implementing Partners will strengthen the Implementing Partners’ capacities to address Project-related grievances.

In addition, UNDP’s Stakeholder Response Mechanism will be available to Project stakeholders as a supplemental means of redress for concerns that have ​​not been resolved through standard Project management procedures. (104)
Project-level grievance mechanisms and UNDP’s Stakeholder Response Mechanism will address concerns promptly through dialogue and engagement, using an understandable and transparent process that is culturally appropriate, rights-compatible, and readily accessible to all stakeholders at no cost and without retribution. They will be gender- and age-inclusive and responsive and address potential access barriers to women, the elderly, the disabled, youth and other potentially marginalized groups as appropriate to the Project. These grievance mechanisms and Stakeholder Response Mechanism will not impede access to judicial or administrative remedies as may be relevant or applicable.
(103) Noting that UNDP’s Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures (POPP) states that the Project Board “… arbitrates on any conflicts within the [P]roject or negotiates a solution to any problems between the [P]rojects and external bodies.” Project Boards can play this role in both National Implementation and Direct Implementation contexts.