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 Social and Environmental Standards Roster of Experts

UNDP's Social and Environmental Standards (SES) Roster is created to respond to the needs of UNDP Country Offices, Regional Hubs and Headquarters units for quality tec​​hnical assistance and services on​ meeting the requirements of the Social and Environmental Standards.​​

What​ is it?
The SES Roster consists of highly-qualified and experienced experts across the different thematic areas of the Standards. These experts can be recruited by UNDP staff to support the review or completion of the social and environmental screening, impact assessments and management plans, stakeholder engagement, and implementation of management and mitigation activities. ​With a pool of pre-vetted experts with CVs and references, the Roster aims to simplify and shorten the procurement process of experts for the benefit of the hiring units. 

Areas of expertise the Roster covers:
  • ​Social and environmental screening and assessment​​ (including environmental and social impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment)​
  • Human rights (including human rights based approach and human rights impact assessment)
  • Gender equality and women’s empowerment (including gender mainstreaming and gender analysis)
  • Biodiversity conservation and sustainable natural resource management (including mitigation and use of offsets, protected areas, forests, and water)
  • Climate change and disaster risk reduction (including climate risk analysis, disaster risk, greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Community health and safety (including infrastructure safety, health impacts, emergency preparedness)
  • Labour standards (including familiarity with ILO standards)
  • Cultural heritage (including chance find procedures, physical and intangible cultural resources)
  • Displacement and resettlement (including Resettlement Action Plan, livelihoods)
  • Indigenous peoples (including Free, Prior and Informed Consent, Indigenous Peoples Plans)
  • Pollution prevention and resource efficiency (including pollution prevention plans, waste management, hazardous materials.

Please see the Terms of Reference of the Roster here​.​

​​How does it work?

Requests for a shortlist of experts from the Roster should be submitted to along with the specific Terms of Reference for the assignment. For a full description of the process, please access the roster Standard Operating Procedures(Accessible for UNDP personnel only)

Who to contact? 

For any additional questions or clarifications, or to submit feedback on the Roster, please contact our roster management team at

Join the Roster?

The Roster will be updated on a periodic basis. For external experts interested in being considered for the roster please send your CV and a brief statement of motivation to with a subject line of "SES Roster Application".