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Registration Card - SECU0010

    Project Name: Integrated Protected Area Land and Seascape Management in Tanintharyi (Ridge to Reef)
    Date Complaint Filed:  Thursday, September 20, 2018
    Date Complaint Registered:  Wednesday, September 26, 2018
    Project Description: 
    This project focuses on the conservation and sustainable use of the marine, coastal and terrestrial resources of Tanintharyi Region, the southernmost region of Myanmar. The region is of outstanding significance for biodiversity conservation - approximately 20% of Myanmar's Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) are in Tanintharyi, grouped under the Tanintharyi Range and Tanintharyi Marine Corridors. The region includes the largest areas of lowland wet evergreen forest remaining in the lndo-Myanmar Hotspot, some of the largest blocks of mangrove forest in mainland SE Asia, and some 800 islands and diverse marine ecosystems of the Myeik Archipelago in the Andaman Sea Marine Ecoregion. The project embraces all of these ecosystems, through connected land and seascapes that cover key portions of the Tanintharyi Range, Aukland Bay mangroves and coastal waters, and marine ecosystems from Thayawthatangyi Island group in the north to Langann Islands in the south. It will demonstrate community based natural resource management, participatory conservation area management and integrated land use planning and management in line with a ridge to reef approach that connects terrestrial, coastal and marine resource management.
    Requestor(s): Communities from Lenya and Monorone area
    Synopsis of Complaint:
    The first part of this complaint concerns the violation of indigenous communities’ right to free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) in the development and inception phases of this project. The second section addresses the risks posed to the rights of refugees and IDPs to safely and voluntarily return to their lands. The complaint then focuses on the risks posed by the Ridge to Reef project on the land and resource rights of indigenous communities. The final section covers existing conservation initiatives that are being led by indigenous communities that stand as an alternative vision for conservation in Tanintharyi Region.
    News and Updates:
    Project Details
    Atlas/Project #
    Project Risk Category
    Implementing Partner
    • UNDP - 
    Financial Information
    • Financing PLAN
    • GEF Trust Fund or LDCF or SCCF or other vertical fund: USD 5,250,000
    • (1) Tota Budget administered by UNDP: USD 5,250,000
    • Parallel co-FINANCING (a// other co-financing that is not cash co-financing administered by UNDP)
    • UNDP: USD 6,613,000
    • National Government (MoNREC): USD 3,000,000
    • Regional Government: USD 3,000,000
    • CSO (Fauna and Flora International): USD 2,425,116
    • Bilateral Assistance (Smithsonian Institute): USD 1,500,000
    • (2) Total co-financing: USD 16,538,116
    • (3) Grand-Total Project Financing (1)+{2): USD 21,788,116