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Social and Environmental Compliance Unit - Case Registry

Case File - SECU0008 - Integrated and Transboundary Conservation of Biodiversity in the Basins of the Republic of Cameroon

    StatusOpen - Administrator Decision
    CountryCameroon, Republic of
    Requestor(s)Individuals of the Baka People

    Synopsis of Issues Raised:The complainants claim they are being illegally evicted from their forest lands, both inside and outside formally “protected areas", that they did not go through a proper consultation/FPIC process, and that the UNDP project would violate their human rights. "Nki National Park was created in 2005 and ever since we have lost the forest that our ancestors left us. We cannot go hunting safely, or climb trees to gather honey, or dig for wild yams or collect our medicinal plants. The wildlife guards have abused us, beaten us and tortured us for more than 10 years. We are told that international law and the OECD guidelines say that our free, prior and informed consent is required for these projects. We have not accepted these projects that are ruining our lives. We ask all those who are funding these projects to come and hear our suffering and seek our consent."


    Current Case Status