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Social and Environmental Compliance Unit - Case Registry

Case File - SECU0009 - Integrated and Transboundary Conservation of Biodiversity in the Basins of the Republic of Congo

    StatusOpen - Administrator Decision
    Requestor(s)Individuals of the Baka People

    Synopsis of Issues Raised:The complainants claim they are being illegally evicted from their forest lands, both inside and outside formally “protected areas", that they did not go through a proper consultation/FPIC process, and that the UNDP project would violate their human rights. The complainants claim a GEF/UNDP project which supports the creation of a new protected area - Messok Dja - on Baka land in Congo would unlawfully evict Baka communities. The complainants claim that when their concerns, including human rights violations, were raised with UNDP staff they were "met with a round of laughter. They showed no intention of investigating the matter further."


    Current Case Status