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Social and Environmental Compliance Unit - Case Registry

Case File - SECU0013 - Fourth National Communication and Second Biennial Update Report under the UNFCCC (GEF)

    Requestor(s)Environmental NGO in Jordan

    Synopsis of Issues Raised:"UNDP/Jordan don't implement their mandate, but they execute the instructions of the Ministry of Environment (M.O.E) & are both biased to NGOs that are recommended by M.O.E. UNDP/Jordan don't support the climate change combat mitigation & adaptation measures in the real vulnerable areas which are the major sources of pollution & GHG emissions. Most of the projects implemented by UNDP/Jordan in coordination with M.O.E were executed without environmental & social impact assessment "ESIA" & without engagement of the local affected communities & stakeholders in the vicinity of the project & even many of these projects executed aren't as imprtant as the mitigation & adaptation projects that are extremely required in the most vulnerable areas like East Amman, Zarka, ...etc. UNDP/Jordan & M.O.E don't even recognize the NGOs "environmental societies except few which are recommended by M.O.E."


    Current Case Status