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Social and Environmental Compliance Unit - Case Registry

Case File - SECU0002 - Business Call to Action Alliance

    Requestor(s)Confidentiality Requested

    Synopsis of Issues Raised:The Complainant claims that UNDP’s partnership with Bidco Africa is in violation of UNDP’s core mission and principles, and that the “Business Call to Action” project failed to properly screen Bidco Africa as a partner given Bidco’s alleged history of human rights, environmental, and other violations. The Complainant claims that Bidco Africa violates “all U.N. Global Compact principals” and that UNDP should “examine the morally questionable association of such a distinguished U.N. organization with such a blatant violator of human rights…”. The Complainant requests UNDP “must immediately disassociate itself with such a company.”


    Current Case Status