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NY Medical



Medical Care
Medical care in the US can quickly become very expensive. United Nations provides medical insurance for the employees and their families, however, the coverage may vary considerably depending on the type of the contract, choices made by you/your spouse, when balancing your health needs and costs of insurance etc. The details cover many pages of small print in your insurance carrier’s booklet and your contract with the carrier and is as such beyond scope for this page.
Nevertheless, there are some things that it is prudent to arrange before hand, whether you anticipate any medical needs or not. You should have a contact with a family physician, who will take care of all your primary care needs and will also refer you if any specialist care is warranted. He/she can also take care of all the children’s health exams / vaccinations, required by law to attend the school.

You may wish to go directly to a certain specialist, and it is often possible, but bear in mind that the specialist and/or the insurance carrier may want a referral or preapproval in order to reimburse you. Check First!.
On your insurance carrier’s a web site there will be a list of all the approved doctors, by specialty and geographical area. You can choose a name from that list, or if you have a recommendation check that the doctor is on the list. You can also check the doctor’s “rating” on the web. There are many sites, I use


And once again: Establish contact before you really need it!


More information on Health Insurance for UN Employees can be found at