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NY Schools







The United Nations school gives priority to families affiliated to the UN. Children turning 5 years old before August 31st can enter Kindergarten and if you are eligible, receive 75% education grant from the UN. UNIS has students from Kindergarten all the way to High school. About half of the students are affiliated with the UN.

 UNIS is a great benefit for UN staff because otherwise admission to a New York private/charter school is a long process. Besides, private schools test students (even 4 year old) and have all sort of requirements.
New York has also two French Schools, (where is very difficult to find a spot) and the


Many private schools are girls or boys only. They may cost 50% more than UNIS. Small parochial schools (such as catholic schools) are very inexpensive (1/4 of UNIS) and can be a good option for kids between 2 and 5.


UN Education grant covers 75% of the educational expenses to a limit from kindergarten up. It might also cover 75% of college tuition.




On the website of the NY Board of Education you will find what streets belong to what schools (school zoning)
Just click on Elementary schools (1-5 grade) or Middle schools (5-8 grade) to see what are the zones for each school.
Another interesting website is: