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NY UN Benefits

UN Benefits


This website helps you find out what your salary will be and what the deductions will be (medical, pension)


Funds that the employee receives to help him move-in to New York. Funds are usually received within a few days of job starting date.


This website shows what rental subsidy you will perceive in your pay check, depending on how much you pay in rent. Keep in mind that, up to certain amount, the rental subsidy increases as the rent level increases. For example, if your reasonable rent level is $5500, if you rent for $4000 the rent subsidy may be $1000, and if you rent for $5000 the subsidy may be $1800. The difference between renting for $4000 or $5000 is only $200 from your own pocket. New York is very expensive and it is important for UN staff to make use of the rental subsidy benefit.

The UN will help you pay for the broker’s fee one time, check on the website above to see what the broker fee coverage is.


The application can be filled in on line and the school has to have some input too.