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YOUNDP In Brief > Your First Year

Your First Year

Following are some tips to help you acquire the big picture knowledge you need to become an effective organizational member at UNDP. Please note that these tips are general and largely agency-specific (as opposed to role- or country-specific). In addition to these actions suggested below, you will of course need to take steps to understand your role and your duty station.

By the end of your first year at UNDP, consider accomplishing the following (in addition to the suggested actions in the YOUR FIRST WEEK, YOUR FIRST MONTH, and YOUR FIRST 90 DAYS QuickStart Guides):


Seek Information

  1. Complete your workplan and your competency assessment in collaboration with your colleagues, supervisor, and chief.

Build Relationships

  1. Have lunch with your mentor(s) at least once a quarter to ask for advice, share successes and failures, and/or seek guidance on matters of importance.

Learn & Share Information

  1. Complete the training outlined in your Learning Plan (see LMS).

  2. Be a regular contributor to Teamworks, adding colleagues and content and joining relevant communities.