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1C000001, Ethics and Values
1C000002, Organizational Awareness
1C000003, Develop and Empower People
1C000004, Working in Teams
1C000005, Communicating Information
1C000006, Self-Mgmt and Emotional Intelligence
1C000007, Conflict Management
1C000008, Knowledge Sharing/Learning
1C000009, Apprpr and Transpar Decision
1F000001, Building Strategic Partnerships
1F000002, Advocacy / Advance Policy Agenda
1F000003, Results-based Programme Mgmt
1F000004, Innovation and New Approaches
1F000005, Resource Mobilization
1F000006, Job Knowledge and Tech Expert
1F000007, Leadership and Direction
1F000008, Visibility, Advocacy Capacity
1F000009, Global Leadership and Advocacy
1F000010, Concept Innov & Tech Expert
1F000011, Adapt and Apply Knowledge
1F000012, Integration or Multi-Discipl Envir
1F000013, Promoting Change / Development
1F000014, Strategic Alignment of Management
1F000015, Design and Implement Mgmt Syst
1F000016, Client Orientation
1F000017, Promote Accountability and RBM
1F000018, Technical Interview Question 1
1F000019, Technical Interview Question 2
1F000020, Technical Interview Question 3
1F000021, Other - interview question