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Your Support Systems

Corporate tools and technologies at UNDP


Your Learning 



The Learning Management System (LMS) manages and provides access to UNDP's learning resources globally, supporting career development across the organization. The LMS offers web-based training and performance support tools to enhance and develop staff knowledge and skills, with a specific Learning Path that has been created for you based upon your job title.

There are many learning resources available to staff members through LMS - you can contact your Learning Manager to find out more.



Your ICT Tools

- Outlook

- Sharepoint

- Lync

UNDP uses integrated systems for our email (Microsoft Outlook), intranet (Microsoft SharePoint), and unified communications (Microsoft Lync).

Knowing how to make the most of each of these systems can help increase your productivity and effectiveness at work!

Please Note: Use of UNDP’s ICT resources are guided by the policy document Standard on Acceptable use of UNDP ICT Resources


Your Network

- Teamworks

- UNDP Newbies 


Teamworks is the name of the UNDP extranet, a globally available platform for social networking that serves as a secure knowledge-sharing site for UN organizations and their external partners.  

It is also where the UNDP Newbies space can be found, a global onboarding community dedicated to your early-to-work performance - please take a look at the space and join in the conversation with your fellow Newbies!


Your Processes

- Atlas

- OnDemand

- eServices (training site)

Atlas is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that integrates all of UNDP's data and processes, including budgets, accounting and auditing.

OnDemand is UNDP's training site for Atlas and other corporate systems, where your learning can be tailored to your role (finance, procurement, HR, etc.).

Atlas is also home to eServices, where you can find information about your salary and benefits, and where you can submit Leave requests and applications for other entitlements. There is also an OnDemand training site for eServices where you can learn more. 

Your Other Tools, Services and Resources

- iSeek


- Helpful Offices in UNDP



iSeek is the United Nations global intranet, with news and announcements for UN staff in English and French. Not all of the site is accessible to UNDP personnel but there are some useful resources there that include the United Nations Global Contact Directory.


"Helpful Offices in UNDP" is a short video with information on where personnel can seek help on a number of concerns (inter-personal conflicts and harassment, contract-related matters, reporting misconduct, legal issues, ethical dilemmas, etc.). It is hosted on the LMS.


The list of UN and UNDP Acronyms and Abbreviations collated by the JPO Service Centre can be of great help in sorting through the "alphabet soup" of our terminology!