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Your Checklists: Where to Start?      Introduction Checklist and QuickStart Guides

YOUNDP looked at the elements that we thought would be useful for your successful introduction and compiled them into a generic Introduction Checklist. Some of these tasks need to be completed by UNDP even before your first day of work to ensure that everything is ready for your arrival, while for many of the others, you will need to be a part of. We suggest that you meet with your manager to look over the individual version of the checklist prepared specifically for you by your Office so that you can review what will need to be done, by when, and by whom.

The generic template for the checklist is included below to give you an idea of what your own checklist will look like, what to expect and the kinds of milestones to be achieved. We suggest that you ask for a copy of your individual checklist from your manager to enable you to keep track of your progress by collecting the initials of the focal points in your Office as you complete each step.




In addition, the following are some QuickStart Guides to support you in becoming an effective organizational member at UNDP. They are hosted at the UNDP Newbies space on Teamworks, a global onboarding community of newly appointed staff members, where you may share your experience, ask questions and interact with others who are going through the same process as you are. We strongly encourage you to join!


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Your first 90 days


Your first year