How to adjust a Home Leave Points balance
Go to and choose Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt / Payee Data / Adjust Balances / Absences 

1. Enter index number. 
2. In the Pay Group field, enter IP_UNDP 
3. In the Calendar ID field, enter IP_ (click on the magnifying glass and select the Calendar ID for the current month (example: select IP_UNDPA 2018M06 if the current month is June 2018 - make the balance adjustment for current month – in this example June)
4. Click ‘Search’.
5. In the next screen, enter the ‘Element Name’ as ‘IP-Home Leave Entitlement’
6. In the ‘Balance Adjustment’ field, enter the balance adjustment (e.g. if you want to deduct 2 HL points write -2, if you want to add 2 HL points write 2).
7. The ‘Begin Date’ and ‘End Date’ will default to the month of the payroll calendar month – keep these dates.
8. Click ‘Save’
The updated HL points will show in Atlas after the finalization of payroll for IP staff – typically around the 20-25th of a month.