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Global Shared Services Unit

    Human Resources and Payroll Services

Providing High-Quality HR Services Across the UN System

​Global Shared Services Unit—HR (GSSU—HR​, formerly known as SAS) is a centre of excellence that provides customized packages of HR services to more than 40.000 UN personnel from agencies, funds, and programmes across the UN system. Offering services since 2003, GSSU—HR has established a legacy as a major Human Resources administration center within the United Nations.


         GSSU is comprised of 2 units providing key HR services to clients from UNDP and UN agencies.

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Our overiding goal at GSSU-HR is to provide our clients with the best possible support 

— we hope that you find the tools and resources on this site useful

GSSU-HR serves numerous partner agencies including

UN Women
UN Volunteers
UN University
GSSU/BES IP Staff Client Survey (2018)
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GSSU/GPS Local Payroll Management Survey (2017)
Summary of the Client Satisfaction Survey on the Local Payroll management Services received from GSSU/GPS page navigation
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Contact Information

At GSSU-HR we pride ourselves on client focus: please use the tools below to find the correct GSSU-HR contact.

Interested in the Services we Offer?

For more information about the HR Services that GSSU-HR provides, please contact Anne Romose (Benefits and Entitlements) or Daniel Bekele (Global Payroll Services)