My Leave

My Leave provides a global and 24/7 solu​tion to a centralized and auditable leave system. In My Leave all leave records are managed in one central system and so provides for business continuity in situations of disaster/force majeure. If local paper records are lost they will be available in the ERP system.

To the benefit of both staff and organization, My Leave offers added data quality and its built-in validations mechanisms ensure:

  • that leave periods are not exhausting the entitlement,

  • that there are no overlapping leave periods,

  • the accurate count of leave days and real-time updates on accrued leave balances according to IPSAS requirements,

  • the eligibility for leave through display of relevant data such as contract type, contract expiry date, leave balances, and

  • proper data validation, including weekends and holidays.

Furthermore, My Leave supports the leave policies of the organisation, through design of data validation, approval flows and the application form itself.

To know more about how to use My Leave, please click FAQ for Staff  and FAQ for Leave Monitors​


Trainings and Training Material

With the introduction of eServices, the role and functions of Leave Monitors changed. eServices has reduced the need for leave monitors to record and administer leave in the Atlas Absence module and as such, the leave monitor’s functions have shifted away from monitoring towards advising functions on questions of leave. 

The new role and responsibilities of the Leave Monitor including the supporting enhancements of eService were presented in 3 webinars, conducted on October 5 and 6. 

The updated training document Atlas HR eServices - My Leave can be downloaded, please click here Guidelines for Leave Monitors

Who can I ask if I have questions on leave?


It is a good idea to start with asking your Leave Monitor or HR office.

In more complex cases you may want to ask your eServices Focal Point in your office:

·        UNDSS:Ms. Nurana Sadikhova (

·        UN Women: Ms. Marichelle Lizardo (

·        UNFPA: Mr. Dhruba Khanal (

·        UNDP: Please use the “Create Incident” service in the UNall service management portal

If the issue is technical, you may want to contact:

·        UNDP: Please use the “Create Incident” service in the UNall service management portal

·        UNFPA:

·        UNU:

·        UN Women:​


Please click here to view new enhancements in eServices


Who is using HR eServices:

All partner agencies are using HR eServices; UNDP, UNFPA, UN Women, UNV, UNCDF, UNU, UNDSS staff members – both international and local - on all staff contract types (FTA, TA, CA and PA) as well as Service Contract Holders have access to HR eServices.

Note that UNU is not using the leave module. They have their own leave system. Both agencies are using the other HR modules in eServices; e.g. viewing payslips, insurance and pension information, changing Emergency Contact, viewing dependency information, applying for Rental Subsidy and Education Grant, etc.