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​Education Grant

Education Grant (EG) is applicable during periods of service at a duty station outside your home country and/or country of home leave. Eligibility is determined for each child in full-time school attendance at an institution offering primary, secondary or post-secondary education. The amount of the grant per scholastic year is based on a sliding scale for tuition, mother tongue tuition and enrolment related fees (such as enrolment fee, admission fee, administration fee). A lump sum for board may be included if you are serving at a field duty station and your child attend a primary/secondary school outside of the country of your duty station.

Education Grant Travel (EGT) is provided under certain conditions for children who are entitled to the lump sum for board. The purpose is for children to travel to visit their parents on a regular basis during or in between school years. Reverse EGT where the staff member or his/her spouse travels instead of the child may apply in certain circumstances. 


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