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Final entitlements refer to all the money UNDP owes the staff member at the time of his/her separation. Final entitlements consist of:
  1. Repatriation Grant (for international staff)
  2. Annual leave
  3. Education Grant

A separation process entails numerous actions. A number of clearances and documents are required from you and your office, and from various UN/UNDP offices regarding outstanding amounts for travel, Education Grant, etc. The final entitlements are released after all documentation has been carefully reviewed to ensure that there are no outstanding amounts between you and UN/UNDP. On average, final entitlements are released 3-4 months after your s​eparation date. Please note that your submission of the documents required is essential for a smooth separation process.

Please watch the following video in order to prepare yourself as staff member or HR Practitioner for the separation process for international professional staff members and general service staff members in New York. Link

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Separation Entitlements

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