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Final entitlements refer to all the money UNDP owes the staff member at the time of his/her separation. Final entitlements consist of:
  1. Repatriation Grant (for international staff)
  2. Annual leave
  3. Education Grant

A separation process entails numerous actions. A number of clearances and documents are required from you and your office, and from various UN/UNDP offices regarding outstanding amounts for travel, Education Grant, etc. The final entitlements are released after all documentation has been carefully reviewed to ensure that there are no outstanding amounts between you and UN/UNDP. On average, final entitlements are released 3-4 months after your s​eparation date. Please note that your submission of the documents required is essential for a smooth separation process.

Please watch the following video in order to prepare yourself as staff member or HR Practitioner for the separation process for international professional staff members and general service staff members in New York. Link

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Separation Entitlements

1. Repatriation Grant
Repatriation Grant is intended to assist internationally recruited staff members with expenses incurred in connection with establishing residency away from the last duty station upon separation from service. It is payable to staff members whom UNDP is obligated to repatriate. The Repatriation Grant is payable to staff who have completed at least five years of qualifying service and is linked to the years of service and dependency status. The repatriation grant is calculated at the rates specified according to the schedule provided in Annex IV of the Staff Regulations.
The net base salary is used to calculate the Repatriation Grant. For single staff members, 5 years of service grants 8 weeks of salary and 1 week is granted for each year thereafter (total maximum is 16 weeks). For staff members with a spouse and/or recognised dependents, 5 years of service grants 14 weeks of salary, 2 extra weeks are granted for each extra year thereafter (total maximum is 28 weeks).
Acquired rights are granted to eligible staff members who have more than one year as of 30 June 2016. Those staff members separating with less than one year as of 30 June 2016, forfeit the right to a repatriation grant entitlement.
The Repatriation Grant is to be claimed within two years after the separation date. It can only be claimed once the staff member establishes residency away from the last duty station and the relocation is not temporary in nature. If the staff member remains in his/her duty station after expiration of his/her contract, the Repatriation Grant will therefore be held in trust, for a maximum of two years, after which the entitlements lapses. However, the separated staff member may apply for an extension of the 2 year period by sending a written request to Benefits and Entitlements Services, before the 2 years are up. An extension is not automatically granted.
Proof of Country of Residence from outside the last duty station (also called Proof / Evidence of Relocation) is required for the Repatriation Grant to be released. The proof must be signed and sealed/stamped by any official authority (government, municipality, etc). You must retain the original for a minimum of five years for audit reasons.

2. Annual Leave
Payment of annual leave which has not been used at the time of separation is up to a maximum of:

  • 60 days for FTA staff members
  • 18 days for TA staff members

The unused annual leave is commuted to cash based on the staff member's net salary (single or dependent) plus the post adjustment applicable in the country of assignment at the time of separation, divided by 21.75 (which is the 261 working days per year, divided by 12 months), multiplied by the number of annual leave days due to the staff member. Language allowance should also be added for General Service staff if applicable.

3. Education Grant
In case you submit an Education Grant claim shortly before your separation date, the Education Grant will be released as part of your final entitlements. If you do not submit your Education Grant via eServices, please make sure you submit both the signed P41 and P45 (see Forms and Circulars under Education Grant)

Separation Package

Travel and Shipment Entitlements




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