How to assign a Work Week Schedule
All staff is assigned a work-week schedule which defines the period of the work-week and the weekend. In UN we have different weekends; e.g. Thursday/Friday, Friday/Saturday and Saturday/Sunday.

For local staff the work-week is always tied to the Payroll Group. Which means that all local staff in e.g. Egypt will always have the same weekend.

However, for IP staff the work-week is tied to the individual person. You may therefore receive questions from your IP staff, typically someone who recently reassigned from e.g. Saudi Arabia to New York, and they inform you that they cannot start or end their leave on a Friday – they get an error message. This means they are on the wrong work-week schedule and still have a Friday/Saturday weekend. And you cannot start or end a leave on a weekend.

The work-week is easy to change, but it is only HR who can change this in Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt/Payee Data/Create Overrides/Assign Work Schedule. If you need to know who is the HR Focal Point in OHR/Staff Administrative Services for an IP staff in your office you can use the SAS website.

The ‘Default Schedule’ means that you have a work-week from Monday to Friday and a weekend on Saturday/Sunday. It would be the same as using the work week schedule WRKSCHMON (indicating the work-week starts on a Monday).

If you have a work-week WRKSCHSUN it means your work week is from Sunday through Thursday and the weekend is Friday/Saturday.