The role and responsibilities of the Leave Monitor
With the introduction of eServices, the role and functions of leave monitors have changed. EServices has reduced the need for leave monitors to record and administer leave in the Atlas Absence module. At present, annual leave, home leave, uncertified sick leave, certified sick leave, family leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and SLWOP are now requested, recorded and approved directly in eServices, between the staff member and their supervisor. As such, the leave monitor’s functions have shifted away from monitoring towards advising functions on questions of leave. More specifically:

  • Informing and training new staff members on how to use My Leave in eServices;
  • Assisting staff members who have questions on leave;
  • Assisting staff members or HR if there is a one-time need for adjusting a leave balance, including for staff being seconded or transferred to UNDP;
  • Entering leave types not yet included in eServices (such as Compensatory Time Off, Jury Duty, R&R) in the Absence module;
  • Ensuring that staff members are signing off on leave balances at prescribed intervals; and
  • Keep management informed on any issues pertaining to leave.
  • Adjusting the leave balance to zero for final pay purposes upon seraration