Monthly Absence Reports​
There is a monthly report made in Atlas HCM/UN Reports/Global Payroll/Absence Reports. It will default to the agency, duty station and department (Org Unit) you are in.

Tick off ‘Where I am the Supervisor’ and tick off ‘Where I am the Leave Monitor’ then you get all leaves for your department.

In you leave the Org Unit blank – you can view a report for the whole duty station – but please note that for large duty stations such as US the file is too large and will time-out. Otherwise go by Org Unit.

The report will only show for those staff members who have a leave in the month you select. If a staff member does not have a leave period in that month, the staff member will not appear in the list.

You can also select a monthly report just for one staff member in the Absence Take Report by entering the Index No (see above). The report will only show for one month for one staff.​