How to 'zero' out a leave balance
Upon separation of a staff member, unused Annual Leave days are commuted to cash.

The unused Annual Leave days are entered as One Time (Positive Input) in Atlas.

In the below example two days (therefore 2 in the Unit field below) of unused Annual Leave is entered as One Time Positive Input – the COB is in December 2012 and therefore the Calendar ID is for December 2012. Note that two lines are entered; one line for Staff Assessment (Commutation ANL LV SA-Accrual) as a Deduction and one line for Gross Salary (Commutation ANV LV GRS-Accrual) as an Earning – entering it this way the staff member will receive the Net Salary amount for 2 Annual Leave days:

Using the above example, where the staff member was paid out the unused leave of two days, then the 2 days should be ‘zeroed’ out in the Absence Module so the balance ends in 0.

The COB for the staff member on the separation date is 29/12/2012.

In order to offset the current balance of 2 days, the leave monitor has to enter a balance adjustment of -2.0 days using the COB month (Dec 2012) and also change the End Date to match the COB date which is 29/12/2012 – see below.