Different Absence Balances
There are different balances in the leave module – see below Review Absence Balances:

Notes on absence balances:
  • ​The Uncertified Sick Leave/Family Leave balance of 7 days is re-set every year 1 April to 7 days. Staff will not carry over any un-used Uncertified Sick Leave days.
  • The Certified Sick Leave balance is 65 days. If a staff member have not used it before it will show 0 days, until he/she is using it for the first time and it will show 65 days less the days he/she applied for.
  • The Home Leave Points balance is cut off at 40 points. A staff member will only start accumulating again after he/she takes Home Leave and 24 HL points are deducted.
  • Annual Leave balances are cut-off at 60 days every year in the month of April. But after that a staff member can still accumulate above 60 days, until next April where it is cut-off again.