Attendance Record Card to be printed by staff member

For the time being, only staff have access to their own Attendance Record Card in Atlas HCM/eServices/My Leave. Staff can view a full report beyond one month (see below).

Attendance Record Card available to staff: It will include Holidays specific to the staff member, and all leave periods entered by the staff member through eServices or also leave entered by a Leave Monitor for leave not yet in eServices; e.g. R&R. It will display the AL and USL balances for the time you create the Attendance Record Card.

Future development: It is the plan to make this report available to HR and Leave Monitors. The new Attendance Record Card will include monthly accumulation of leave (the 2.5 or 1.5 days you get every month) including the ‘takes’ (the leave taken) and the USL and AL balance for each month.
In addition the new Attendance Record Card will include signature field for sign-off.