The Absence Report Card in Atlas

You can print the Absence Report Card if you want to view the leave records for a particular year for a) only a single staff member, b) for all staff in a particular location, c) for a particular paygroup in a particular location or d) for all where you are the Leave Monitor.

Go Main Menu/UN Reports/Global Payroll/Absence Report Card (see below). Enter the relevant parameters as needed – click ‘Save’ and ‘Run’.

Note: If you are a Leave Monitor you will have the option "Show those IDs for whom I am Leave Monitor". We recommend to tick this OFF.

New Absence Record Card 1.png 

Then click ‘OK’ and click the top link click ‘Process Monitor’.


 Click ‘Refresh’ until the 'Run Status' says 'Success' and the ‘Distribution Status’ says ‘Posted’. This normally takes between 20-60 seconds.


Click ‘View Log/Trace'. 

New Absence Record Card 3.png


Click the PDF file. 



See example below.

You will have an overview of all approved leave. You will see the monthly accruals (the 'credit'), any leave that was taken, in the 'Adjustment' column you can see if any manual leave adjustments were made by HR or a leave monitor, and the monthly balances.

In addition you can see the count for the last 4 years of sick leave.

Below you will find the signature fields that are used for the yearly sign-off of leave records.