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United Nations Development Programme
Global Staff Services Centre
Marmorvej 51
2100 Copenhagen

New York (BES UNFPA)

Benefits & Entitlements (UNFPA)
New York, NY 10158

collapse GSSC Unit : GPS ‎(25)
Ahmad Tariq 4533 6258GPSLocal Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateRBAS - All Country Offices (except SOM); RBLAC (MEX, BLZ, HND, SLV)Copenhagen
Anand HCM TechnicalTechnical Analyst
Azamatbek 4533 6251GPSLocal Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateRBA Country offices (Anglophone: AGO,ERI, ETH, GHA, GMB, KEN, LSO, MOZ, NAM, NGA, RWA, SLE, TZA, UGA, ZAF, ZMB, ZWE, MWI, LBR, SSD)Copenhagen
Daniel 45336245GPSManagementPayroll Specialist
Dono Khusankhodjaeva +45 4533 6259GPSLocal Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateRBAS, RBAP Country offices (AFG, CHN, IND, IDN, JPN, KHM, KOR, MDV, MNG, MYS, PHL, PNG, PRK, SGp, THA, VNM), RBAS Country offices (MAR, DJI, DZ, EGY, TUN, SOM)Copenhagen
Evelien 4533 6255GPSInternational Payroll ManagementPayroll AnalystCopenhagen
Irma 4533 6254GPSATLAS Country Office SupportPayroll AssociateRBA Country Offices (BDI, BEN, BFA, COM, CPV, MLI, MRT, LBR, MWI,SSD) + SOMCopenhagen
Jennifer 4533 6180GPSInternational Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateCopenhagen
Joseph 4533 6252GPSLocal Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateUN Volunteers - all country officesCopenhagen
Joseph 6252GPSGSSU DirectorateHR Associate, Payroll Associate
Kalina 4533 6251GPSLocal Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateRBA Country offices (Francophone: BFA, BWA, STP, SWZ, CAF, CIV, CMR, COD, COG, GAB, GIN, GNB, GNQ, MDG, MUS, NER, SEN, SYC, TCD, TGO)Copenhagen
Laura 4533 6249GPSInternational Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateCopenhagen
Mette 4533 6239GPSLocal Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateRBAP Country offices (BTN, COK, FJI, FSM, LAO, LKA, NIU, NPL, PAK, TLS, SLB, TON, TUV, VUT)Copenhagen
Mette 4533 6242GPSInternational Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateCopenhagen
Nazira 4533 6265GPSInternational Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateCopenhagen
Nicolai HCM TechnicalTechnical Associate
Nina 4533 6244GPSManagement, Local Payroll ManagementPayroll AnalystPayroll Analyst, Team LeaderCopenhagen
Ramanathan 4533 6243GPSATLAS HCM TechnicalTechnical SpecialistCopenhagen
Sampath 4533 6238GPSATLAS HCM TechnicalTechnical SpecialistCopenhagen
Steven 4533 6236GPSLocal Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateRBEC - All Country OfficesCopenhagen
Theresa 4533 6237GPSLocal Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateRBLAC - All Country Offices (except for MEX, BLZ, HND, SLV)Copenhagen
Vanesa Perez 4533 6232GPSInternational Payroll ManagementPayroll AssociateCopenhagen
Venugopal 4533 6246GPSATLAS HCM TechnicalTechnical AnalystCopenhagen