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IPSA - Guides and FAQs

Welcome to the page dedicated to the International Personnel Services Agreement (IPSA). Here you will find useful information and links to help you understand the concepts, the process and the policies behind this modality. Below you will find a link that should take you to folders, each with a set of documents, including a general presentation. 

* Please note the following important information: 

- Partners who currently receive services from country offices have the option to use the new I-PSA modality, but are not obliged to convert their international ICs into IPSAs at this stage.

- Conversions into I-PSAs only concern the international ICs, and not the local ICs. Local ICs continue as usual until the National PSA is rolled out later in 2021.


People for 2030 committed to introduce a new and more flexible HR contractual modality to engage talent for specific programme and project work, in addition to current consultant contracts.

In response to this commitment UNDP has launched a new type of HR contract: the International Personnel Services Agreement, or I-PSA, on February 15th 2021. This new contract:

      • Fills an existing gap in hiring international expertise on personnel contracts

      • Largely replaces the existing internatinal Individual Contract modality, with I-PSA personnel in future hired under an HR process rather than procured under a procurement process

      • Provides personnel with significantly better conditions of employment – including access to healthcare and paid leave

      • Allows international HR contract personnel to work in all UNDP locations globally; that is, in Country Offices, Hubs and HQ locations

      • Has been future proofed-  it allows contract personnel to work remotely, from their home country  or on a retainer, thus giving UNDP and its personnel greater flexibility

      • Will enable UNDP to access a greater pool of talent and work in a more flexible and agile way in order to deliver our mandate

International Individual Contracts will continue to be used only for work where a specific product – such as an analysis or a report – is to be provided on a single, lump sum-based payment.

The PSA modality is a human resources tool, and will follow the selection of people according to their skills, within a set range of flexible pay. The modality introduces benefits to all sides, including new benefits and entitlements to the individuals, predictability and flexibility to the hiring offices, and simplification in corporate administration. It provides for a fair and competitive pay, and consistency across the organization.

For more information, please go through the presentation and FAQs under the below links, or feel free to write to This 7-minute video by OHR Director introducing the IPSA is also available.

IPSA Documents