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Rental Subsidy

The rental subsidy is designed to provide equity in accommodation expenses among UN staff in duty stations where rents vary considerably and to alleviate hardships of staff facing higher than average rent costs for reasonable standard accommodations.
There are two different types of rental subsidy: for staff members serving in a Headquarters duty station (Europe/North America) and for staff members serving in a duty station in the field.
To know more about the eligibility to the rental subsidy (and deduction scheme), please visit the POPP on rental subsidy or the rental  subsidy section on the UN website on salaries, allowances and benefits.

How to Apply for and Certify a Rental Subsidy using Atlas HR

  • All international staff in UNDP, UNFPA, UNOPS, UNU and UN Women can apply for Rental Subsidy through Atlas HCM 
  • The Rental Subsidy Online Form is available in Atlas HCM /eServices/My Entitlements/Rental Subsidy Online Form. 
  • A Rental Subsidy User Guide & FAQ can take you through the eServices application step by step.
  • If you are applying for a rental subsidy from a location outside the US and Europe you must also enter the name of a ‘Certifying Officer’. This is typically either the Operations Manager or the DRR or RR. Please ask your local HR Office who would be the Certifying Officer for your office or click the following link (only available with access to UNDP intranet). 
  • Unless you are recruited at the duty station, you are not entitled to rental subsidy for the first 30 days after your Entry on Duty (EOD), as you are paid Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) during this period.

How to Apply for Rental Subsidy for users with no access to Atlas HR

For North America & Western Europe:
Once a lease agreement has been signed for the rented accommodation, you can request for RS by submitting an application form (please see below) and send a scan copy of the signed application to TAPP/JPOSC with a copy of the lease and any other relevant documents.

For Country Offices:
Once a lease agreement has been signed for the rented accommodation, you can fill in the application form (please see below) and submit it along with the copy of the lease to the certifying officer in the duty station for review and approval. Once the certifying officer has signed the application, please forward all the signed documents to your HR Focal Point

Relevant forms (For users with no access to ATLAS HR):

Estimate your rental subsidy

Please see our online tool: Rental Subsidy Estimate

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