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Settling-in Grant

Settling-in grant is provided to staff members at the beginning of their assignment or when they are reassigned. Its aim is to provide staff members with a reasonable cash amount for covering pre-departure expenses and settling expenses. In cases where the staff member has not completed the period of service in respect of which the settling-in has been paid, the grant shall be adjusted proportionately and recovery made under conditions established by the Secretary-General who, in exceptional circumstances, may decide to waive recovery. ​  


Calculation of settling-in grant 

The grant is comprised of two portions:

  • Daily Subsistance Allowance (DSA) portion:
    DSA x 30 days for the staff member + 50% of DSA x 30 days for each dependant
    Link to DSA Rates
  • Lump sum portion:
    One month of net remuneration.

The settling-in grant is normally payable to staff in the Professional and higher categories holding a Fixed Term Appointment (FTA), who are authorized on travel involving relocation on initial appointment, assignment or transfer, and the period of service at the new duty station is expected to be for at least one year. It is not payable in the case of appointment or assignment to a special mission.
Staff holding Temporary Appointment (TA) in the Professional and higher categories, are not entitled to the lump sum portion.