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​​What is GSSU MoFA Services? 

GSSU MoFA Services provides assistance to all internationally recruited IP and GS staff members of the following units of UNDP Denmark - NRO, GSSU-HR, JPOSC, OIMT, PSU and Common Services of the UN City. The services provided by GSSU include registering with and obtaining Residence Permit/ID Cards from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark, dealing with questions related to duty free import of personal belongings, import or purchase of motor vehicles free of customs and excise duties, taxes on goods and services purchased locally, questions related to Administrative CPR numbers and many others.


In accordance with the Host Agreement between UNDP Denmark and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), all internationally recruited staff members and their accompanying dependent family members are required to be registered with the Protocol Department of the Danish MFA. The registration takes up to one month. Therefore, it is  highly recommended to initiate the application process as soon as possible.

Import of personal belongings

Personal belongings can be cleared only after the staff member is issued a residence permit card.  If personal belongings have been shipped before arrival in Copenhagen, it is highly recommended to inform MoFA Services about it as soon as possible.  

Import/Purchase of a motor vehicle  free of customs and excise duties 

Internationally recruited staff members are entitled to import or purchase one motor vehicle free of customs duty. Please communicate with the MoFA Sercives before shipping your motor vehicle to Denmark.

It is very important not to make any commitment for the import/purchase of a motor vehicle until MFA issues an approval for your request. Please familiarize yourself with guidelines of import/purchase of motor vehicles as different rules might apply to you.   


In case of end of assignment in Denmark (Separations/Reassignments), the residence permits/identity cards must be returned to MoFA Services  to be forwarded to the Protocol Department.  Before departure an exit visa will be issued by Protocol Department in the staff members' national passport/UNLP. 

We strongly recommend you to consult The Guide for diplomats in Denmark and  UNDP FAQ for MoFA Services ​for more detailed guidance and information.

Further questions related to MoFA Services can be addressed to  or visit us on 4th floor, finger 2, open area 4.2.13 in UN City. 

MoFA Services will always be glad to assist you in processing different requests.  ​​​

The Guide for diplomats in Denmark  on the webpage of the Protocol department of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a Diplomatic Guide that contains useful information for the staff members of foreign missions and international organisations about enjoyment of various privileges and immunities under the Vienna Convention and individual host agreements in Denmark. It also contains information about other rules, regulations, procedures etc. of relevance for their conduct of business in Denmark.

The purpose of UNDP FAQ for MoFA Services ​is to provide more information on obtaining a Residence Permit/ID Card, arrange duty free imports, purchase tax free motor vehicles and many other MoFA Services related issues.


For more general information about UN City Copenhagen and settling in Denmark we advise you to visit UN City IntranetSettling in Denmark page in particular.